How You Can Help

We are partnering with a South African NGO which has been successfully working in townships across South Africa for over twenty years. Khulisa Social Solutions inspires, empowers and enables vulnerable children, youth and communities to unlock their potential and develop skills towards a sustainable future.  


Donate to our outreach project, which unites the film A Growing Thing with Khulisa’s work with disadvantaged communities in the township (see below for links). A film-based, two-day workshop helps participants — from women’s projects, schools, prision, and youth centers — to build community dialogue and to structure needs-based interventions, such as rape counseling, sexual disease protection, short term goal setting and marketable skills development.

USA To make a tax-deductible contribution from the United States, you may donate to the project via our fiscal sponsor Women Make Movies.  (scroll down to A Growing Thing)

GERMANY To make a tax-deductible contribution from Germany, you may donate to the project via the Maecenata Institut (transnational giving). 

Become a Mentor

Khulisa offers mentorships for young people and women in the townships who are striving towards empowerment through education and developing marketable skills. Khulisa has an international mentor program where people with a wide range of professional backgrounds can coach online. Their mentees are people from the township who are working hard to better themselves and their position in life and can profit greatly from ongoing, online support:  someone who cares and helps them plan and realize their next steps.